We all want to achieve so much – but it’s a busy world with many pressures and distractions demanding our time and attention.  Yet by understanding how we humans function… each one of us can  become more effective… if we choose to do so

“The differences between expert performers and normal adults is not due to genetically prescribed talent. Instead, these differences reflect a life-long period of deliberate effort to improve performance.” ― Anders Ericsson, “The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance” Psychological Review, Vol 100(3), Jul 1993, 363-406

Whether our aspirations lie in sports or academic achievement or in playing a musical instrument or  perhaps to possess stronger interpersonal skills or whatever – ‘ guess we could all use some help and motivation…  To improve well-being and fitness so that we can focus and strive; to learn the habits and techniques that will boost the return from our practice; or to gain the mind-sets that will encourage us to sustain effort and ensure that we perform to our maximum… these things are all possible.

“Most dazzling human achievements are, in fact, the aggregate of countless individual elements, each of which is, in a sense, ordinary.”  ― Angela Duckworth, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”

At Carina Sciences we are committed to our own journey – to provide learning programmes which apply the best ideas from psychology, educational science and personal development programmes so that  they fit within the landscapes of modern lives.

Our goal is to help people to rethink what is possible in their lives – and to help them to reach this expanded potential.  We will be successful by being relentless in ensuring that our programmes are beneficial and relevant.  Our users will expect us to adhere to the highest levels of integrity to protect their privacy and well-being.

 “So here we have purposeful practice in a nutshell: Get outside your comfort zone but do it in a focused way, with clear goals, a plan for reaching those goals, and a way to monitor your progress. Oh, and figure out a way to maintain your motivation.”  ― Anders Ericsson “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”

Technology for Today:

The Millennial Generation  (aka Generation Y) and  Generation Z have reached adulthood  – these generations are often looking for a better work life balance than previous generations.  They seek to define themselves through their hobbies and interests or through their roles within society …rather than the job based pigeon holes of the Boomer and X generations.

For these generations, the internet and the use of smartphones is so natural – these technologies have been present throughout their whole lives – and so they expect the information and guidance that they require to be delivered, on demand, through these mediums.

Carina Sciences is focused  upon providing personal development programmes through the ubiquitous technology of today.

So that you can reach further.