The Rezl Life Community

This is a short message to tell you about The Rezl Life Community – it’s a place where we can share ideas, information and experiences;  where we can help, encourage and learn from each other.

Our Rezl app uses something called “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy” (or MBCT) – which was developed at the universities of Massachusetts and Oxford.  Scientific research shows that MBCT significantly reduces anxiety and low mood; it increases job satisfaction and life satisfaction; it improves concentration – increasing productivity and reducing mistakes; and it makes people more open to the views of others. For elite performers MBCT increases their level of performance and “flow”; and for leaders and aspiring leaders…. Rezl will develop the skills to manage in “challenging and disruptive business environments”.

Now we want to make it easier for Rezl users to share their ideas and experience.  If you have questions about Rezl, about mindfulness or about how others have succeeded in dealing with specific challenges…  then this is the place for you.

So whatever your situation, then you can benefit from the collective experience, knowledge and support of our community…  and you can help and encourage others too.

To access the Rezl Life Community you can just tap the community button on the navigation bar at the bottom of each Rezl page – it looks like a small crowd of people -or,  you can use a browser on any PC or phone. Just go to

And remember that the Rezl Life “Conversations feature” enables you to set up a “group chat” for you and your friends so that you can exchange ideas as you journey with Rezl together.

We hope that you’ll join us… To help yourself – and to help others. Try it now. See you there.

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