How much resilience do you need for the holidays?

Most of us spend time and effort preparing for the Christmas and New Year holiday – for those who are Christian it is a special time and even those who are not religious may be hoping to catch up with friends and family and to enjoy spending time with our children… and even to party a little.

Yet there are challenges and stresses to be overcome also –

  • We may have set high expectations of how we want things to be
  • We may be up late preparing food or gifts – or even shopping until the last minute
  • We may find it hard to turn-off from work – and find ourselves worrying about the office rather than enjoying the break
  • We may disappointed when friends or family are unable to visit as planned
  • Or we may find that time with extended family raises old arguments and issues – especially with the truth drug flowing freely
  • It may be that we feel trapped in having to invite the same people and do the same things… when we would rather be doing otherwise
  • Or it may be that we are miffed when greetings or even presents are not reciprocated… or if “thank-yous” are not received.

So Christmas and New Year really is a time when we may need our resilience – to help us to cope with challenges, stresses, annoyances, insults (….real or perceived)…  so do try to respond mindfully and with patience.  Try to avoid reacting emotionally or becoming overwhelmed.  Just observe how others behave or react …and try to be empathetic:– “Wow , they must be very sensitive to some issue to react in such and such a way”.

If we react with our emotional brains then we will usually make things worse – and we may prevent a tiny squall from just blowing away.  Why pour gasoline onto a small fire?

So plan lots of things to do – get out and about to go on walks; or to visit different people – don’t get stuck at home going round the same old issues with the same old people. And don’t over-do things….  get some rest and relaxation .  Then try and carry this though in to your weekends and breaks in 2019.

I hope you take care of your resilience to have a safe, happy, healthy and productive year in 2019.  Take care of yourselves.

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