Reduce Stress and Anxiety Caused by the Covid19 Pandemic

So most of us are in lockdown – while key workers provide healthcare and essential services.

The current situation will be causing many people to worry – about their own wellbeing or the wellbeing their love ones; or they may be facing short-term hardships or uncertainty over their employment as many companies may struggle to survive. Key workers may be finding things stressful and daunting.

It’s a worrying time… and for those who are dealing with anxiety or stress this may be a very challenging moment. Yet these are normal reactions for all of us when there are so many unknowns… or when we sense that our wellbeing may be threatened.  Most all of us will be experiencing these same emotions.

So right now, things may be uncertain – and it is true that we do not know how long it will take for this situation to pass – so be patient… things will become clearer.

Now Science shows us that mindfulness can help us to significantly reduce our anxiety and our stress. The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy used within the Rezl smartphone app is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and to help people to deal with stress – and the Rezl toolbox includes meditations to help with uncertainty and to avoid sleep problems.

Last month we set in place our offer of a free Rezl app. So, if you, or someone close to you, would like to try Rezl then please go ahead and take up our offer to use Rezl for free. Visit or email

When so much is uncertain…  then “mindfully living in the present”, is a choice that you can make. The situation is changing… and so things will not always be this way.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by our anxieties… it will help we can feel “more grounded”… and to find acceptance for life’s uncertainties…  even just for now – this minute… or hour… or for this day.

Take care of yourselves.

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